The 12 Secret Habits Of Highly Successful People

The 12 Secret Habits Of Highly Successful People
There are tons of books written and several audio books created about the secrets of extremely successful and highly effective people. Their habits, ways, qualities and lives have been analyzed time and time again by experts, psychologists and coaches. There is certainly no shortage of written material online (or in books) about the habits and qualities of super achievers and top performing individuals.

What I am sharing on Gobog today is something along the same lines. However there is a vital difference in the material you are about to listen to. These are little known habits of highly successful people that most self help books ignore. Direct observations of their lives is what has helped me gather these lesser known habits that these super successful humans tend to have in their nature and personality. I am sharing their "secret" habits with you so that you can analyze whether they are things that you can add into your own personality and daily life.

Here are the 12 secret habits of highly successful people....

1. They spend time with like minded individuals only.

You will find that their friends are just like them in more ways than one. They hang around, socialize and make friends with those who belong to the same income bracket as they do.

They will be seen with individuals who have the same likes and dislikes as they do. Their hobbies are similar to those of other highly effective people.

I've noticed that most of them like reading books, playing chess, spending time in solitude, and like going out to dinner with a few close friends who are in the same field, income bracket or live in the same neighborhood as their own.

2. They watch very little TV on working days.

Actually they hardly like watching TV. They prefer spending time on activities that they find more relaxing and enjoyable.

At the most, they tend to catch up on the news on TV for a few minutes each day but other than that they just don't seem to like watching TV.

There are dozens of examples where I have seen that highly successful and effective people don't even have a cable connection. I (too) don't watch TV much.

I haven't spent more than a few hours watching TV during the last 30 days. And I can definitely vouch for the incredible amounts of free time this gives me. Besides most of what shows on TV (these days) is damaging and harmful to our personalities.

Crimes, wars, unemployment, corruption, adverts, and other similar things dominate most channels leaving us with little good stuff to actually watch.

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3. They take several breaks during the day.

I've carried out extensive studies on Millionaires and highly effective people and have written about the 1400 real secrets of Millionaires many years ago.

One habit that almost every single successful human being has is this one. They love taking breaks several times during the day.

I would go on record to say that they work much lesser hours than what they spend on rest and recreational activities.

They take a small break of 10 to 20 minutes for each hour of work that they do. They are the ones who spend all afternoon resting and doing very little work but yet manage to get the maximum work done by the end of the day.

They know that taking breaks increases their focus, attention, concentration and energy levels while they work. And so this is a strong habit that we should probably inculcate in our daily lives as well.

They tend to lives their lives like soccer players. They play for 45 minutes then take a break for 15 to 20 minutes before coming back to work for another 45 minutes.

Another important thing to add here, they don't lift a pin on weekends and during vacation periods. They never work while on holiday, neither do they carry work home from the office.

4. They write down their goals.

You can't hit targets that you can't even see. Successful people don't depend on their visions and memories as far as goal setting is concerned.

They spend considerable time on planning their future and writing down their goals on paper is one of their favorite habits.

Often, they carry their goals along with them or keep it in a safe place both in their offices and at their homes.

It's easy to know what your goals are when you have written them down on paper. Writing things down helps you memorize things much longer and is an excellent habit to have in one's personality.

5. They decrease mental activity in the evenings.

This is a real secret of most successful people I have observed, spoken to or read about. Successful people tend to slow down on almost everything during the evenings.

They don't tax their minds nor expose their brains to much information.

Usually they spend time relaxing with their loved ones or simply while the hours away by engaging in leisurely and light activities such as reading, resting or meditating.

Mentally rigorous or taxing tasks and activities are kept aside so that their minds get the rest that it needs.

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6. They do not argue.

Highly successful people focus their efforts on moving forward, rather than wasting time on silly little things such as arguing and debating with other people.

Most of them avoid spending time with people that disagree with them or don't see eye to eye on things that successful people believe in.

This way, all negativity is virtually wiped out and most time is spent on healthy and constructive activities.

They don't feel like they have a point to prove to anyone except themselves. They know that whether they win or lose an argument doesn't matter since the time wasted in the process is what is most important.

7. They repair the roof while the sun is still shining.

In other words, they do what they want to do when it's the best time to do it. They get things done when its the right time to do it.

Procrastination is not a habit of successful people. They dislike putting off things until tomorrow and firmly believe in doing today's jobs today itself.

They have the unique ability to foresee potential problems and prevent them from happening before they happen.

What use is it to repair a roof when it's already begun raining?

The right time to make sure that things are organized is right now itself.

Prevention is always better than cure, plugging a hole before it becomes too big is what they do so well.

8. They focus on one activity at a time.

They are firmly focused on doing one thing at a time.

No more, no less.

They don't fill their plates with too many different projects to complete in a small time period.

Rather they have the wonderful and powerful habit of giving their full attention to a single task at a time thus being able to perform that particular task much more effectively than they would have performed it had they done two or more things at the same time.

Multitasking is not the food of successful people.

They usually outsource and delegate things to others so that their working time is spent on just a few things.

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9. They break big goals into little ones.

Another little known habit of most successful people in the world. They fully understand that even a large Whale can be eaten one bite at a time and they tend to do just that.

They make it much easier to reach their goals when they break down larger tasks into mini tasks and divide bigger goals into several tinier goals to achieve.

Successful people are a joy to watch since they make achieving success look so easy and one of the best parts about their nature is that they devise their plans in such a manner so as to make reaching their goals fairly easy.

It's easier to drink a glass of milk at a time. If you push yourself to drink 30 glasses of milk in a single seating then you are going to ask for trouble.

Digestive trouble.

For me, writing 150 articles in a month isn't easy, but since I broke the task down, it becomes quite simple and downright easy to write 150 pages of unique content in a month.

All I now have to do is write 8 pages a day and my job is done much before the end of the month.

10. They live in the now.

Successful and effective individuals don't live in the past nor do they dream too much about the future.

They focus on enjoying the present moment that lies in front of them.

They know that it's pointless driving a car by looking in the rear view mirror.

Also, it's equally worthless seeing too far into the future since doing so would effectively ruin the present moment that's happening right here, right now.

It has been said that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Successful people don't let the present moment get wasted.

They are able to invest all their senses into truly making the most of the present moment rather than burying their heads in the past and focusing solely on the future.

Most of them know the different ways to practice Mindfulness as well.

11. They are always eager to learn.

Learning new things comes naturally to successful individuals.

They are students right until the day they die.

Increasing their knowledge on topics and subjects they wish to learn more about is another habit that they enjoy spending their valuable time on.

They are excited and passionate about learning something new and different every single day.

They won't make excuses (like I'm too old for this, etc.) or complain about learning something that they don't know much about.

However, kindly note that they spend their time only on learning things that are either relevant or useful to them and not on anything that's not going to be beneficial for them in the long run.

12. They manage their time wisely.

The importance of time management cannot be discounted in the life of any human being. Proper time management ensures that you live a well rounded and balanced life.

Not just successful people, but even highly effective individuals spend enough time on planning their daily routine and weekly schedules.

They aren't time wasters, but are known as time investors.

Time is a priceless commodity that once passed cannot be recovered. Successful people know that managing this precious resource well is of utmost importance to achieving their goals and living better lives.

Thus, they devote considerable time to planning their lives for they know more than everyone else that time management is life management.

A surprising aspect about them is that they actually know how many hours are there in a week, month and year when most others wouldn't know the answers to the same. This goes to show how carefully they plan and manage their time.

Well, here you have it, the 12 secret habits of successful people all openly being shared with you today. Now you know exactly why some individuals are so successful and effective in their everyday lives. Several more qualities, habits, and secrets of successful, effective and great people shall be shared on Gobog in the coming weeks and months. You should bookmark us so that you can drop by to read the most recent posts anytime you feel like.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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