60 Ways To Catch A Liar

60 Ways To Catch A Liar
Liars are all over the place these days. Here is a well researched guide to help you spot a liar easily. Don't be lied to anymore, keep these 60 signs in mind to know if a person is telling lies. Here are the 60 ways to catch a liar...

1. Most often, dishonest people will move their eyes around a lot to avoid meeting your gaze.

2. A liar unconsciously places objects (book, coffee cup, etc.) between him and you.

3. An important indicator of a lie is changes in behavior.

4. Running his hands through his hair too much while he speaks about something important is a sign of a liar.

5. Anything that a person does with their voice or their gesture that doesn't fit words they are saying can indicate a lie.

6. Making statements that contradict each other, are inconsistent or don’t sound quite right are usually lies.

7. An honest person will answer questions quickly and a liar will stutter to think of an idea for a lie.

8. Ask them unexpected questions or bring up unexpected topics of conversation.

9. Shaking his head as if saying 'yes' buy saying 'no' with his speech is also a sign of a liar.

10. A person who is tense and anxious while speaking on the topic in question is generally lying.

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11. When someone isn't making direct eye contact with you it can mean they are lying.

12. The tone of voice of a liar is often not consistent with gestures or statements.

13. Examine his forehead and armpits for sweat. People usually sweat more when they lie.

14. If the person's expressions are rigid and unyielding using less space for physical actions then they are lying.

15. If a lie is being told, pupils dilate (the dark part of the eye) due to rise in Adrenalin.

16. Often liars feel uncomfortable standing in front of the person. They choose to stand to the side of them.

17. A liar will often try to change the subject using humor or sarcasm.

18. A liar will often change the subject at the first given opportunity.

19. Always let them talk. The more a person talks, the more likely you are to catch them in a lie.

20. Liars have the tendency to touch the area around the lower face while speaking. Scratching nose, touching lips and chin.

21. A liar will not give direct answers and will speak in jumbled sentences.

22. The longer the person takes to answer you, the better the chances that they are cooking up a whole bunch of lies.

23. When a person is lying they might refuse to answer any questions.

24. Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements.

25. A change in the pitch of a person’s tone, or a lot of stammering (umm, ah), or throat clearing could indicate a lie.

26. Liars often respond using the phrase "to tell you the truth" before lying.

27. When you want to know if someone is lying, look for inconsistencies in what they are saying.

28. Blushing is also a sign of a liar.

29. The eye positions of the person will tell you if they are lying..

-Up to the Left - Indicates: Visually Constructed Image.
-Up to the Right - Indicates: Visually Remembered Images.
-Down and to the Left - Indicates: Feeling / Kinesthetic.
-Down and To the Right - Indicates: Internal Dialog.

So, watch out for the person looking 'up and to the left' as that person is making things up or lying to you.

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30. If the person is giving you fake smiles it means they are lying.

31. Liars may start twitching, have unusual hand positioning and frequently touch the lower part of his face.

32. If someone is lying and you change the subject, chances are good that they’ll go right along with it.

33. Become pale in the face is another sign of a liar.

34. A liar will tap his feet while he is speaking or while he is sitting down.

35. If he starts blinking unnaturally then he is lying.

36. Monitor the person's throat to see if he is swallowing, to evade the pressure build up.

37. Liars also respond using the phrase ""to be perfectly honest" just before lying. Whatever they say next might be a lie.

38. If the individual is playing with objects such as a purse or pen, chances are that person is lying.

39. Keep note, if the eye contact is prolonged longer than usual, it is an indicator of lying. Many liars have learned that eye movements are a giveaway thus, they try to control it.

40. When a person gives too many details or too much information he could be lying.

41. A liar will fidget with his or her hands while speaking.

42. Sometimes liars will hide their hands behind their backs or in their pockets.

43. Avoiding direct answers or becoming defensive is a sign of a liar.

44. Saying the same words or facts over and over again is another sign of a liar.

45. Check to see if the person is becoming over-defensive by raising his voice, making a scene or over reacting.

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46. Pay attention to your gut reactions. If you feel the person is lying to you then you may be right.

47. Touching the nose and covering the mouth. These gestures are attempts to cover up a lie.

48. Crossing arms over the chest or crossing legs at the knees or ankles are more signs of a liar.

49. Scratching the ear or touching it too much while they speak is another sign of a liar.

50. Liars put an object in between you and him because they want to hide their facial expressions.

51. Watch movies and shows that show detectives interrogating suspects. They will teach you a lot about liars.

52. People who lie all the time tend to be more skeptical because they think that everyone is lying too.

53. Liars pepper their tales with second- and third-person pronouns like "you," "we" and "they.

54. When lying, people often make hand gestures which are not in rhythm with their speech.

55. A liar will raise his shoulders more than normal while speaking.

56. If he has shaking pupils then he is lying.

57. When people are extra nice to you than they normally are it could genuinely be a sign that they are feeling guilty about something and may have lied to you.

58. Liars are likely to ask questions to be repeated to them so that they can frame their lies to sound like the truth.

59. Showing signs of being stressed out and nervous is another signs of a liar.

60. If you believe that they are lying to you change the subject quickly, a liar follows along willingly and becomes more relaxed.

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