90 Most Common Signs Of Pregnancy In Women

90 Most Common Signs Of Pregnancy In Women
Becoming pregnant is one of the best feelings in the whole world. Here are 90 early signs of you being pregnant. These are just for use as a reference guide. Nothing is more important than consulting your doctor to confirm whether you're pregnant or not. Having said this, here are the 90 signs of being pregnant...

1. You feel fatigue through the day.

2. You have a heightened sense of smell.

3. Meat and dairy products cause nausea.

4. You sense hot flashes running through the body.

5. You start falling asleep very easily.

6. Your garbage makes you puke.

7. Sour taste in your mouth during the day.

8. There is a sudden weight gain.

9. You have protruding veins in the labia.

10. Higher basal body temperature.

11. Your dreams become more vivid.

12. You become highly sensitive as far as food is concerned.

13. You can't stop thinking about potato chips.

14. You feel unusual tiredness at all times.

15. There is a dark line growing on your belly.

16. You have Binge eating episodes.

17. You start to have bleeding gums.

18. You missed your period.

19. Feeling something moving around inside your stomach.

20. You start vomiting during the day.

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21. Putting on a bra feels like torture.

22. You cannot control your farts.

23. You have frequent back pain.

24. You constant burp.

25. Food tastes different from normal.

26. Chinese food makes you feel weird.

27. Your breasts start swelling up.

28. You start snoring loudly at night.

29. Veins on the ankles bulge out.

30. You have pain in the lower abdomen area.

31. Dizziness during the day.

32. Small bits of skin hanging from your neck.

33. You start running to the bathroom often.

34. You have a bloating feeling in the stomach.

35. You have frequent episodes of Gas.

36. You have prickling, tingling nipples.

37. Increasing creamy cervical fluid.

38. You start to have mild headaches.

39. Sudden cravings for junk food.

40. Darkening of facial skin aka Mask of Pregnancy.

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41. You are fainting randomly.

42. You have episodes of Diarrhea.

43. You have high vaginal discharge.

44. You start cramping earlier than usual.

45. Your heart beats start racing.

46. You start sweating like a pig.

47. You have frequent urination.

48. You start spotting earlier than usual.

49. Missing cycle flow.

50. Vomiting at the sight of spicy food.

51. You have sudden nasal problems.

52. You have low blood pressure.

53. You have low blood sugar.

54. You have a positive home pregnancy test.

55. Inability to fall back asleep after awakening.

56. Frequent headaches.

57. Pink or brown stains inside the knickers.

58. You start wetting the panties often.

59. There is sudden weight loss.

60. You have regular mood swings.

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61. There is darkening and swelling of the nipples.

62. Nose becomes super sensitive.

63. You start sneezing all the time.

64. You have a perpetual cold.

65. New hatred for morning coffee.

66. Breast veins are more visible.

67. You have an increased appetite.

68. Excess saliva in the mouth.

69. You have a loss of appetite.

70. Fried things become popular in your diet.

71. Changes in eating patterns.

72. You seem like a different person.

73. Nipples start to excrete fluid.

74. Tiny bumps sprout around the nipples.

75. Tenderness in both your breasts.

76. Bulging purple or black veins in the legs.

77. Feeling of heaviness in the breasts.

78. Stiffness in the nose.

79. Spider veins on your arms.

80. Bits of skin hanging from the bottom of your breasts.

81. Increased craving for colas and soft drinks.

82. Constipation.

83. There is Heartburn.

84. Random bouts of nausea.

85. Light vaginal infection.

86. Feelings of laziness.

87. Leaking when laughing or sneezing.

88. Your partner's cologne makes you vomit.

89. The thought of chicken makes you wince.

90. Blowing your nose gets messy.

Kindly note that these are only signs that I have researched online. Please consult your family doctor to know for sure whether you are pregnant. Also, these signs appear in clusters. Which means, if you have more than 30 out of these 90 signs then you might be pregnant.

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