20 Tips To Live A Better Life

20 Tips To Live A Better Life
1. Do a good job. Every single time. Always give your best, no excuses.

2. Conduct an experiment or two this month. Invent something new or find out how some things work. It's geeky but lots of fun.

3. There is no harm in asking for assistance when you need it. Ask for help. And ask for help from the right people.

4. Visit a local farm. Walk around and smell the hay. Enjoy being with the farm animals. Be one with nature.

5. The work clothes must be changed as soon as you get home. Home is for relaxation, not for work.

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6. The sounds of the falling rain are delightful. The next time it rains, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the rain. Put songs of nature on your phone to listen to anytime you wish.

7. Set your own standards in whatever you do. Don't compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself with others serves no purpose.

8. Learn Lucid Dreaming and practice it on a regular basis. It's a powerful tool. You can learn the basics for free from the internet.

9. Value every cent you make. A hundred rupees goes a long way when you don't have any money. Learn to save money. Money is too valuable.

10. Treasure the present moment. Appreciate the experiences you gain each day. Live in the now.

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11. Don't laugh too loudly while in public places. Unless everyone else is laughing loudly too.

12. Rechargeable batteries are economical and efficient. Use them. I have started using them after learning about them right here on Gobog.

13. Be kind to others you know. They are almost certain to respond in the same way. Kindness repeats itself, it's contagious.

14. Prepare lunch and dinner together on most days of the year. It saves time, money and loads of effort. I like to do this everyday.

15. Use the time after 7pm wisely. It makes living the entire day a lot more worthwhile when one can put their feet up, lay back, let their hair down and relax.

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16. When you fail, you should give it another shot. But know when it's time to quit. Don't keep trying when there is no chance of succeeding.

17. Use alum,it is the best deodorant you can use. I use it to make my underarms smell natural 24 x 7.

18. Dive into new things often. It's liberating to learn and do new things. Keep learning new things, keep growing more and more.

19. Don't do anything else while you eat. Focus on eating your food properly. Eating time is for eating. Not for watching TV or the phone.

20. Kids and parents must spend quality time with each other. Keep aside an hour or more each day for this purpose. I love the time that I spend with my loved ones.

Sapna Mehta
Sapna Mehta
Content Writer. Experienced Counselor. Seasoned Traveler.

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