10 Lessons We Learned Through A Post That Got 1 Million Likes

Pen Fights

Our posts, photos, and other forms of online content have received more than half a Billion views from people living in over 200 countries. We have Millions of people visiting our blogs and pages every single month of the year.

Our students, clients, followers and readers often want to know our secrets to creating such awesome content that people love to engage with.

So I decided to create a series of posts outlining the secrets we have used to help our content reach the Millions.

In this post, we take up a simple photo post on our Facebook page that received over 1 Million likes in a span of 3 months.

This photo also helped us get over 15,000 fans for the fan page it was published on.

That too, when the page was not connected to the content of the photo.

In this post, I reveal the 10 secrets that we used to receive over a Million likes on the Pen Fight photo that we published 2 years ago on Beautiful Mumbai.

Here are the 10 lessons (or secrets) we learned through the 'Pen Fight' photo post....

1. Know your audience.

This post on Pen Fights was seen by over 7 Million people on Facebook. This would never have happened had we not targeted the right audience in our promotions.

We knew that this particular photo would receive the maximum likes and views only if we circulated it among students who were currently in school or just completed it.

Also, we promoted the post to mainly male students since we knew that school boys played Pen Fights more than school girls did.

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2. Think out of the box.

When we decided to publish a photo post on Pen Fights, there was a long debate between our team members as to which of our fan pages should we post this photo on.

We had a choice of 8 different fan pages which had thousands of fans on them.

We decided to go with our page 'Beautiful Mumbai' because we did not have any other page which catered to people who fell perfectly into our target audience.

We thought outside the box on this one. And went ahead and posted a post which had no direct connection to Mumbai but had the potential of reaching the maximum number of school boys from Mumbai and its neighboring cities.

Our thinking worked beautifully, we reached school boys from every single city in the country.

Even school kids from Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan liked, shared and commented on this photo post.

3. Keep it simple.

One of the biggest reasons for the tremendous success of our social media posts is that we keep it as simple as we possibly can.

The Pen Fight photo we used could be easily and quickly understood by every single child and teenager that saw it.

The language we used for the post was also simple.

We had shot over 50 photos to use for this particular post but ended up using the one shown in the picture above.

We found it to be the easiest one to convey our message.

4. Be original.

Having reached over half a Billion people with my photo galleries, poems, stories, and posts, it would be safe to say that our success with this post was mainly due to the fact that we create original posts only.

This means, it takes us more time, money and efforts to create fabulous posts for you to see, read, learn from and love but the results are well worth it.

In my bedroom, I have my own quotes put up. Once a close friend asked me why I had only my quotes and photos up on my bedroom walls.

I told her "While others use the work of others, I love using my own".

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5. Do it yourself.

When we started designing websites and writing articles for our blogs, we were constantly bombarded with unsolicited email from every Tom, Dick and Harry out there.

All of them wanted to help us with our work. However, we always liked to do things ourselves.

When we started our adventures on social media, there were hundreds of social marketing firms that sent us spam emails promoting their marketing services on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc but we did not use any of them.

We did every single thing on our own.

We love what we do for a living.

This photo post, this popular blog, our online courses, all the things that we do are done using our own brains and internal resources.

We don't outsource a thing.

A small example to illustrate this is the fact that while there are over 74 Million blogs using WordPress, we run all our blogs on our own blogging program.

In other words, we might be the only blog online which uses its own program to publish content on it.

Pen Fighting

6. Market your brand wisely.

When we created the 'Pen Fight' photo, we made sure that we promoted the brand name and logo of Beautiful Mumbai on it without breaking the stringent rules of Facebook.

As a result of the clever marketing of our brand name, we received over 15,000 followers for our page 'Beautiful Mumbai' from all parts of the world.

Almost 80% of those fans are still following our fan page.

Till today, we get hundreds and thousands of likes for posts even if we publish a post that's not directly connected to Mumbai.


The example of the Mo mo picture above shows exactly what we mean by this.

7. When you do what you love, the money follows.

When we reached 1 Million likes with this post. We also had close to 21,000 shares and 10,000 comments on it.

There was hardly any doubt that this post was a runaway success. However, we had not made any money out of this post.

In fact, we spent a few thousand rupees on the promotions.

But this post paved the way for us to receive dozens of sponsored posts thereafter.

This was the post that got us the most attention at the right time.

All our sponsors were excited mostly by this particular one since it got over a Million likes and thousands of shares without even being about Mumbai.

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8. Ask for what you want.

We got over 1 Million likes for our 'Pen Fight' post because we asked our target audience to press the like button if they had pen fights during their school days.

As a result, 1 out of every 7th person who happened to see this post "liked" it instantly.

Getting every seventh person to "like" a post on social media is the highest possible ratio you can have.

9. Don't stop believing.

This particular post was promoted for a period of 3 months during the Monsoon Season two years ago (in 2015).

During the first month, we did not get as many likes and shares as we wanted to.

But we kept on sharing and promoting this post to our target audience for 2 months more.

It was mostly in the 3rd month that we got majority of our likes, shares and comments.

Had we stopped believing in the power of this post then we would never have got more than a Million likes for it.

10. Engage with your audience.

We saved the best for last. Literally.

We would never have received Millions of likes for our social media posts had we not engaged with our audience.

The simple gesture of "liking" every single comment that has been posted on our posts has helped our fans stick with us even when we don't publish too many posts in any given month.

Till today, all our popular fan pages on Facebook have the "Very Responsive To Messages" sign turned to green.

Very Responsive To Messages

This shows how powerful it can be to simply keep in touch with the fans.

We on Gobog are certain that these 10 lessons and secrets will prove to be highly beneficial to anyone who is as passionate about reaching the masses as we are. It does not require much money or time to have Millions of hits, views, likes and shares. It just requires loads of self belief and passion, along with these 10 secrets that I just shared with you.

This post took me over 2 hours to create. This is probably the longest time I've taken to create a post on Gobog this year. My efforts will be useless if you don't do the decent thing, which is to share this post with your friends and peers on Whats App, Facebook, and other social media platforms given below...

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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