100 Things That Make Me Feel Good Instantly

Here are 100 things that make me happy just thinking about it right now...

1. Walking barefoot on grass that is wet with the morning dew.

2. Spending time with my little boy "Max". I love him so much :-)

3. Experiencing an hour of silence.

4. A cup of fine Darjeeling Tea with an extra spoon of honey stirred into it.

5. Visiting the flea market to buy some really nice things at throwaway prices.

6. Knowing someone is thinking about me right now.

7. Writing a love poem for my wife.

8. Spending time alone while taking in the aromas of the scented candles burning in the corner.

9. A high speed internet connection with unlimited bandwidth.

10. Gazing at stars on a night when the sky is without clouds.

11. The breeze blowing through my hair as I stand at the bedroom window.

12. Playing basketball with my little boy.

13. Eating on park benches while trekking in the state park.

14. Doing something that no one thought I could do.

15. When I see the first flowers in bloom in the garden below my home.

16. A surprise rainfall during the month of April.

17. Reading about my sister doing so well in life.

18. A perfectly working high-speed computer.

19. Old glass door knobs at fancy hotels in Thailand.

20. Fishing in a placid lake away from the city.

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21. Walking barefoot in the forest at dawn and feeling the dew on the soles of my feet.

22. Writing something on Gobog that everyone likes.

23. Going outside and exploring the national parks in our beautiful world.

24. Listening to my favorite track while cooking.

25. Looking at the sunset while drinking tea with my wife and son.

26. Dancing in my bedroom to some peppy music.

27. Sharing a chocolate cake that I baked with my loved ones.

28. A comfortable bed to sleep in anytime.

29. Listening to music in my own lonesome land.

30. Capturing the innocence of a child in a photograph.

31. Sipping on green tea made out of leaves picked up from a plantation near my home.

32. Getting wet in the rain then taking a nice long hot water bath on returning home.

33. Watching a colorful butterfly fluttering around the plants in the garden.

34. Watching the clothes that are drying on the clothes line dancing in the wind.

35. Clicking photos of the snow capped mountains.

36. Going to a film festival all by myself and watching a nice Persian flick along with 500 strangers.

37. Watching all my favorite music videos playing non-stop on the TV while I sit and work at the computer.

38. Enjoying the first rains by going on a long break to a nearby hill station.

39. Visiting Colaba Causeway and shopping around for a couple of hours.

40. Coming downstairs in the morning to a clean hotel lobby smelling of fresh red roses.

41. Taking a long walk on the beach around sunset time.

42. Listening to the Chinese flute music playing on the stereo with my 8-year-old son imitating the flute players using his fingers.

43. Getting to know myself better during my hours of Meditation.

44. Looking at Flowers in full bloom in the gardens below my home.

45. Singing in the bathroom, loudly and completely off tune.

46. Chilled coconut water drunk straight from the coconut.

47. Staring at how beautiful my wife looks in a colorful Sarong I bought for her from the flea market in Goa.

48. The smell of hay while I walk around my uncle's farm just outside the city.

49. Watching a Korean romantic comedy movie just before sleeping.

50. Teaching a friend how to click good photographs.

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51. Old couples still in love after 40 years of being married to each other.

52. Holding hands with my 8-year-old son when we walk on the street.

53. Going to lunch with a close friend and then spending the entire afternoon together.

54. Sharing ideas with someone who matches my wavelength.

55. Taking a long vacation on a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala.

56. Listening to my son speak Hindi makes me happy as he makes very innocent mistakes while speaking.

57. When a client leaves the room with a big smile on her face.

58. Focusing exactly on what I am doing right now.

59. A well-made Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.

60. Spending time on a secluded beach in South Goa.

61. Getting liked by hundreds of people for my new selfie.

62. Seeing little flowers on the sides of the hills when visiting Mahableshwar.

63. Creating something that makes many people's lives better.

64. Getting tight hugs from my mom even though I was a full grown man.

65. Listening to the soothing sounds of a piano playing softly in the background.

66. Lighting an original Satya Nag Champa incense stick and taking in the soothing smells as I meditate.

67. Having good food at a nice restaurant.

68. Meeting old friends for a cup of tea or coffee.

69. When everyone pats me on the back as I leave for the night after I sing a few songs on Karaoke night at the local pub.

70. A spicy coconut-based chicken or fish curry.

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71. Listening to soft instrumental music playing in the background while I type this.

72. Long conversations with my sister living thousands of miles away.

73. Playing in the snow on Christmas Eve and New Year's.

74. The ability to make myself laugh whenever I want to.

75. Connecting with someone in a way that I didn't think that I could.

76. Relaxing at the clean beaches of the Konkan.

77. My ego remaining strong as it should be in a world full of negative souls.

78. Taking a long ride on a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok.

79. Spending quality time with an old friend who I've met after many, many years.

80. Watching the Arabian sea being covered by heavy rain during the monsoon.

81. Listening to someone when no one else does.

82. Spending time with my favorite uncle on his beautiful farm outside the city.

83. My wife inserting a spoonful of fresh homemade peanut butter into my mouth when I least expected it.

84. Going on a road trip through the ghats in the rains with my best friends.

85. Taking a 10-minute walk in a Japanese flower garden.

86. Falling asleep next to my little boy.

87. Spending time in Mother Nature.

88. A fortnight's vacation in Pattaya.

89. Watching a world cup cricket match between India and Pakistan at a bar while the Indians thrash the Pakistanis.

90. Being able to do a favor for someone special.

91. Listening to my 8-year-old son laugh out loud while he's watching his favorite cartoons on TV.

92. Taking that first step to start off a long, long journey.

93. A long hot water bath on a cold cold day while listening to soft music playing on the speaker I just installed inside the bathroom.

94. Listening to my favorite song playing on the radio. Again.

95. Being complemented on my disciplined regimen.

96. Seeing the dolphins jumping in and out of the water while relaxing in the balcony of my villa in South Goa.

97. Fulfilling my life purpose every minute of every day.

98. Completing a difficult task on time. Every time.

99. Spending an hour in silence by the bedroom window.

100. When I have completed an important task.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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