The Rich Benefits Of Eating Grapes Everyday

The Rich Benefits Of Eating Grapes Everyday
My readers, listeners and students often ask me to share my secrets of success (and happiness) with them.

Hardly a week in my life goes by without someone or the other dropping me a note or a line asking me to share some of my biggest secrets to living such an incredibly happy and satisfied life.

It's surprising (and wonderful) that people who haven't seen me or know me personally think that I live a terrific life. They aren't wrong. That's for sure. I love my life and couldn't be happier.

My posts and musings are read and listened to by thousands of people each month and it's about time that I share something which is a "little" secret I use that gives me immense power and energy to create such awesome material for the whole world to listen to.

A little secret that can feels incredible and wonderful when you follow it every single day....

One of the best feelings in the entire world is the feeling of being completely relaxed, peaceful, joyful and satisfied. Today, I am sharing with you what a tiny bunch of little things can do to your life.

It's actually no secret...but it's important that I share this with you right away because some of you just don't realize how important this one is....

What a wonderful feeling it is to sit here and create these posts and audio books for you. And the feeling becomes even more wonderful when I have my little wonders being popped into my mouth. Don't think I'm kidding when I say that this "tiny" addition (what I am talking about in this post) to your life will make your life much better (and you a lot more healthier).

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A wonderful feeling awaits you every single day. All you need to do is grab a few bunches from the fruit market in your area, get them home quickly, rinse them well under running water, allow them to dry for a few minutes, and then simply keep them in a large bowl next to your work or study table and pop them into your mouth to know exactly why I'm so damn excited when I share this particular post with you....

I'm sitting here munching one of my favorite fruits in the whole wide world. Yes, today is just another day that I sit here creating another post while I energize my brain by popping a few grapes into my mouth while I sit here enjoying yet another day on Gobog with you.

The most amazing part about munching on grapes (while I relax on my computer chair) is that I am actually becoming much healthier, active, and energized just by munching on these little sweets of Heaven. It helps me lose weight as well!

I've eaten grapes ever since my wife started bringing them home (when we got married 10 years ago) from the market every 3 days. She insisted that our little family eat grapes every single day of our lives. I didn't understand why she bought these lovely goodies home all the time until I researched them online.

I am sharing some of my research here so that you too will know what magical qualities are hidden inside these powerful little fruits. The best part is that grapes are incredibly cheap and wonderfully delicious to munch anytime of the day. No cooking needed and all you need to do is wash them well before you eat them.

I must say that for some weird reason we didn't eat too many grapes while growing up. I don't know why but grapes just weren't part of my family's diet back when I was younger. Maybe someone thought they were too expensive or just didn't like its taste.

Fortunately, things changed for me (once I got married) and ever since then grapes (and many other healthy foods) have become a regular part of my diet. I thank my wife from the bottom of my heart for helping me become much healthier (and happier) after my marriage.

Grapes and other kinds of berries (Yes, grapes are berries) are excellent fruits to include in one's daily diet. Munching 60 odd grapes a day will go a long way towards increasing your life span, controlling diabetes, preventing heart attacks, and much more.

Grapes have low GI (glycemic index) and potentially high blood-sugar benefits thus making these tasty fruits an ideal snack for those suffering from diabetes.

Resveratrol is an important substance that has been linked to longevity and grapes has this substance in them in good proportions.

Added to this, the low calories present in grapes helps us lose weight since its a highly nourishing food that doesn't add much to our bellies.

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Grapes have loads of Vitamin K (24.5%), copper (21.1%) and Vitamin B (28.4%). A good amount of carbohydrate and fructose are present in grapes too.

Quercetin (present in grapes) which is a potent antioxidant can help remove the free radicals that increase the risk of Cancer inside our bodies.

You can lose a lot of weight (if you want to) by eating more grapes every day since this fruit has the power to reduce the cells' ability to store fat by about 133%.

Added to this, the substance inside grapes improves the dilation of blood vessels thus ensuring a smooth flow of blood inside our body.

Grapes have immense benefits for most systems present in the human body including and not restricted to our immune, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and inflammatory systems.

It also relaxes the walls of our blood vessels thus making the diameter of them larger and consequently lowering blood pressure plus enabling much higher volumes of blood to flow to all parts of our body.

Eating 5 dozen grapes a day helps prevent Cancer as this "wonder" fruit contains hundreds of antioxidant phytonutrients which are well known in the prevention of Cancer and some other diseases.

Perhaps just a few other foods have the amazing range of benefits that grapes have inside them. It doesn't matter whether you eat the white, red, black or yellow ones. All are filled with a powerful bunch of nutrients vital to the wellness of any human being.

Grapes are best eaten raw along with their skins and seeds (if present) within. No cooking required!

This fruit lowers the risk of unwanted inflammations in our body and thus it adds another feather to its cap by lowering the risk of inflammations in our system.

Grapes prevent blood clots because it increases the nitric oxide levels in our bodies thus making this fruit an important "natural" medicine for the prevention of heart disease and clotting.

The cardiovascular system benefits richly by this fruit since regular consumption ensures protection from potential oxygen damage inside our blood vessels and arteries.

It has been researched and proven that even those who consume a lot of fat in their diet can counter the fats by consuming grapes in their daily diet.

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Recent studies indicate that purple grape juice (Concord grapes) help in preventing the onset of Breast Cancer. Though the antioxidants help prevent all types of Cancer, it is seen that purple grape juice specifically helps prevent Breast Cancer. These grapes inhibits aromatase from changing androgen to estrogen which usually is known to promote the growth of Breast Cancer in women.

The high presence of copper, iron, and manganese helps in strengthening our bones and preventing the onset of osteoporosis.

Grapes are also known for their abilities to treat fatigue, constipation, macular degeneration, kidney disorders and even cataracts. Seems like the benefits and healing powers of this fruit are endless.

Degenerative neural diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease can be perhaps prevented by eating grapes since it contains a healthy amount of Resveratrol, which is turn in known to lower the levels of amyloidal-beta peptides.

Drinking a glass of fresh grape juice a day can help boost your brain power and reduce the chances of brain impairment as you grow older.

This fruit has hundreds of benefits and an entire manual can be easily filled if all researched content is put onto paper and shared with you here.

Grapes prevent the light and damage of free radicals thus is often prescribed to patient suffering from cataracts or similar vision disorders. The risks of macular degeneration can be reduced by 35% if a person just eats 2 cups of grapes a day.

Preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (which play a major role in blocking the blood vessels) is another fantastic benefit of this fruit. Many coronary conditions can easily be prevented thanks mainly due to eating a few dozen grapes a day.

The hydrating power of grapes are very high thus helping in the treatment of those suffering from Asthma or other respiratory issues.

Perhaps cultivating the habit of eating grapes from a young age will do our kids (and us) no harm. Grapes are easily available in fruit markets around the world and all through the year.

The laxative properties of grapes cannot be ignored either. A good digestion process is ensured thanks to the organic acid, sugar and cellulose present inside grapes.

Indigestion in the stomach can be treated by eating grapes. Also, the fruit is high in insoluble fiber thus leading to the formation and excretion of a highly healthy stool since it builds up bulk and remains intact as it flows through the digestive system.

There are thousands of varieties of this "powerful" fruit that are available almost over the world. It doesn't matter which color you choose just make sure you eat them fresh and raw every single day.

Adding grapes to cooked foods or cooking them decreases the nutrient value a lot so please do not cook them in any way. Adding them as a salad or dessert topping is absolutely fine. Chilled grapes are fine too. But eat then fresh and raw.

The rich mineral content in this fruit helps reduce fatigue and a feeling of being tired during the day. However, darker varieties may not build the iron in our bodies so stick to the lighter colored ones to extract this benefit as well.

Grapes are rich brain foods since they keep the brain active and fit by increasing the blood flow to the brain by over two hundred percent. Wow, this is something to make me munch a few more right now.

Sportsmen and those with muscle injuries should eat more grapes since it helps our cells and organs in eliminating uric acid and other known toxins thus helping in faster and natural muscle recovery.

Grapes are popular fruits that the Gods and the Kings enjoyed eating throughout the history of the world. Enough pictures and literature mentions to prove that all forms of Royalty and Holy folk enjoyed munching this fruit on a regular basis in their lives.

Grapes are pretty cheap too. You can easily buy a Kilo for less than Rs.60 ($1). And you can eat them the same day without feeling the pinch on your wallet or your stomach.

What's more, if this post is anything to go by then this fruit is possibly one of the best natural medicines available anywhere in the world at such incredibly cheap prices.

I am off to grab myself another "little" bowl of fresh green grapes for myself. I had the red ones earlier and now I'm switching to green (white) to add another variety to the mix. It's time you take a small break and go get your daily dose of the tastiest "natural" medicine on the planet.

You can download all my popular audio books including 'The Wise Guru' and 'The Focus Principles' on Gobog.com. Thanks for reading.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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