32 Messages To Help Us Live A Good Life

32 Messages To Help Us Live A Good Life
1) Sometimes silence is a lot more meaningful than noise. Practice silence to hear your Soul's voice.

2) No one can take away your happiness unless you allow them to. The true happiness is the happiness of the inner self. Know it and be with it.

3) Do not mortgage your self respect just because you are calm and composed. Be a warrior in establishing your own self identity.

4) When something is wrong, act against it. If not, at least, don't witness the wrong act, just leave.

5) Teach children their self worth. Education is not about developing mental capacity but about building healthy self potentiality.

6) Do not look down on others for their profession, financial status and knowledge. Know it, the numbers always starts with zero.

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7) Before pointing out others mistakes, better have a check over your status. Through mistakes, we learn life's good lessons. So mistakes are God's way of helping us groom ourselves from inside out.

8) Parents teach your children, what is a fantasy world and what is the real world. Help them get away from the imaginary world with proper reasoning.

9) If you want to worry, sure, sit down and worry for a fixed time everyday. Soon you will give up the habit of worrying.

10) You can win one's heart, not by name, fame, knowledge, wisdom or wealth but by true love. Extend compassion to all. You will be the most liking personality for sure.

11) People have their own heart's murmur. The best thing you can do for them is just listen. Sure, you are helping them in clearing out their own garbage. It is a virtuous act.

12) Preaching of anything becomes an easy task than actually doing the same. Do and then preach.

13) When the mind is strong, even a misery becomes an opportunity. Hence develop your mind to be strong.

14) Both birth and death are not as per our wish. It is predetermined, and it shows the existence of some supreme power. When you believe in the supreme being, no miseries of the world can make you unstable.

15) All of us are human. Let each individual know their healthy boundary with another fellow human being. It applies to "male-female" relations as well.

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16) Never allow ego to rule your head. But allow love to rule your heart.

17) The purpose of life of every human being is to reach the supreme being, the God. Each one has their own way, let us not disturb others from living their purpose by merely enforcing our ideas and suggestions on them.

18) When you truly help others, sure you occupy a permanent place in the people's heart. With that you can bring about good change in the country.

19) When God is all, naturally, each and every particle on Earth is God. May be, God is in different forms. Then where does the corruption of the mind happen? Yes, it happened due to the very egoistic thought of 'I'.

20) Fear not for the challenges before you, believe it, they are your internal drive helping you to enhance your quality of life. Embrace challenges.

21) The water, on evaporation, comes back to the Earth as rain, so what goes around comes around. Likewise the good or bad deeds of ours always comes back to us. Be wise in choosing the right path.

22) Experiences are life's greatest treasures. They are the best mentors, do not forget the lessons that every experience teaches you.

23) When you really cannot digest the behavior of someone, do leave the place. It will calm your mind instantly.

24) Social sites can improve your human communication more in a healthy way but not in an unethical way. Good and bad is everywhere. Be wise to choose the good. Do not fall prey to the bad.

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25) Do not make people handicapped with your monetary support, instead make them make their own living with their own ability and will power.

26) Be a lion as far as courage is concerned. You can win over all the hurdles in life.

27) As you grow rich in wealth, be simple and humble all the time. These qualities will keep your nears and dears close to you.

28) Do not hate children, no matter how bad they are. Know it, they are your carbon copies.

29) When a child is unaware of the consequences of a wrongful act, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach children 'what is right and what is wrong, together with the consequences of doing them".

30) When your heart is pure, your focus is perfect. Your heart becomes pure on surrendering yourself fully to God.

31) You are treated in the way you treat others. Respect is about a mutual give and take.

32) You can master a skill by doing the same thing consistently. Do not quit when you are about to fulfill your destiny.

Gomathi Senthilkumar
Gomathi Senthilkumar
Counselor. Life Coach. Full Time Mom.

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