55 Interesting Facts And Rumors About Kim Jong-Un

55 Interesting Facts And Rumors About Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un is one of the most popular world leaders during the last 5 years. He is a talented individual who loves to live life to the fullest. Here are 55 facts (and rumors) about this young world leader.

1. He was pretty good at playing Basketball when he was a kid. He was the star of his school team. He was even caught mimicking a certain NBA star named Kobe Bryant.

2. Kim Jong-Un fulfills two roles, one being the leader of North Korea and two being the military general of their army which has more than a million soldiers and a staggering number of 8 Million soldiers in reserve.

3. He has blocked access to the internet in his country. The residents do not know what is happening outside North Korea.

4. He is a hit with the children and youth in North Korea. It seems nearly every kid in the country wants to look like him, dress like him, and talk like him.

5. He is a chain smoker, he loves to smoke Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes.

6. Their were leaks in the media that he has plastic surgery done on him a few years ago to look exactly like his grandfather. Though the people and the media in North Korea rubbish these rumors.

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7. He got married in the year 2009. His wife's name is Ri Sol-ju. They have a daughter whose name is Ju-ae.

8. He brought about a gigantic reformation in the women's fashion industry by being the first military leader of his country to allow girls to wear pants, earrings and platform shoes.

9. He loves to entertain his people by organizing regular executions of those he considers disloyal to him and his nation. He is known to find unique and memorable ways to get rid off his opponents, dissenters and just about anybody else he chooses to.

10. He has won every single election held in his country by an indisputable margin of victory. People out there obviously seem to love him.

11. Posters of this great leader are found in nearly every home, office and public place in the country.

12. There is no one as stubborn as he can be. As a child, he would go for days without eating anything whenever his mother scolded him for something.

13. He was awarded the title of General of his nation's military forces without actually serving in the army.

14. He forgets what orders he gave out during a drunken night on the next morning. He drinks so much that he just can't remember having delivered orders to execute people while he was drunk.

15. He loves good food. He loves French and Swiss cuisine. He is one of the few world leaders in Asia who enjoys the best wines in the world.

16. He is currently considered to be the second most powerful person in the entire world. One spot behind Donald Trump.

17. He initiated the founding of a music band in his country and attends their concerts as well. The name of this group is Moranbong Band. The female singers wear short skirts while performing and sing solely patriotic anthems.

18. His birthday is on January 8, a day (or rather a week full) of celebration in the whole country. But no one apart from him knows his exact year of birth.

19. He has gained close to 90 pounds in less than 5 years. His rapid increase in body weight is perhaps due to his binge eating disorder and addiction to cheese.

20. He learned to drive a car at the age of 4. And, he learned to navigate a missile by the age of 30.

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21. He is not one that holds on in a relationship forever. He executed his own -ex-girlfriend without a second thought.

22. He lives a flamboyant life. He likes to party, eat good food, watch basketball games, smoke and drink. Due to his awesome lifestyle, he is known to make it easy to be the leader of his country.

23. While in school, he had a massive collection of designer and sports shoes that all his class mates admired.

24. Meant to be pure satire, an article by The Onion rated him as the Sexiest Man Alive in the year 2012. However, the media in his country and neighboring China actually believed this was true.

25. He loves nuclear missiles. His aim for a long time in this matter is to build a missile that can strike America right from the soils of his home country. World leaders fear that he may already have succeeded in building such a missile.

26. He loves to be around hot women. He is found surrounded by young models and beauty queens off and on. Apparently, females in his country just cannot RESIST the sexiest man alive.

27. He has more than 3 Million followers on Facebook. This is astounding considering that the internet is banned in his home country.

28. He is the youngest military general in the whole world. Though no one apart from him might be knowing his exact year of birth.

29. He is very generous to the wives of his dearest soldiers. He has been publicly seen giving away precious beauty and cosmetic products to the wives of his airmen.

30. He is said to suffer from Diabetes and a rare Binge Eating Disorder. Both of these reports have come from outside the country so we don't know if either of them is true.

31. No one in his land can copy his haircut. And if they do then they will die. As simple as that. His unique and flamboyant hairdo has been nicknamed 'Ambition'.

32. He loves his dad a lot. A lot. He has executed people under him who have not mourned his father's death as much as they should have.

33. He is proud to show all his speeches on TV and Radio in his land. This is something different from his father and grandpa, who both were against such public broadcasts during their time.

34. He spends over 100,000 dollars a year importing Swiss and French Cheese into his country just for him to feast on. It is rumored that he has cheese included in every single meal that he eats.

35. He was an avid book reader while growing up. He was an excellent writer. So much so that there were rumors circulating in their media that he has written over 1500 books.

36. He is a heavy drinker with reports of him drinking as many as 10 bottles of fine French wine in a single seating.

37. He was the first leader in modern times to lift the ban off junk food. These days, burgers, pizzas and steaks are said to be available in all major cities of his country.

38. He is the only world leader that has an 1800 feet long wall carving in his country which reads "Long Live General, The Shining Sun".

39. He looks a lot like his grandpa, Eternal Leader Grandfather Kim Il-Sung.

40. He was a wizard with the pencil while growing up. His school friends say that he would make amazing pencil drawings of NBA superstars, particularly Michael Jordan.

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41. He is a computer wiz. He knows a lot about airbrushing and Photoshop. He literally morphs out photos of people he does not like and even destroys any traces of them in the public records.

42. When he took over after his father's demise, he was christened as "Yongmyong-han Tongji" which means an "Outstanding and Brilliant Comrade."

43. Kim Jong-Un was the youngest head of state in the world at 30 years of age.

44. He is known to be a Ladies Man. And is supposedly a huge hit with the ladies. Photos of him being hugged, kissed and touched by girls and young women does seem to suggest some of this might actually be TRUE.

45. He was educated in the acclaimed Liebefeld-Steinholz School in Switzerland where he attended classes using the name 'Pak' so that no one would ever know that he was the son of the North Korean leader.

46. Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is a close friend of Kim Jong-Un. He even went for a holiday to North Korea where the unlikely friends were spotted together a few times.

47. He suffers from Tonsurephobia, which is the fear of barbers and getting a haircut.

48. Apart from his love for French wine, Kim Jong-Un loves to drink Johnie Walker whiskey. In fact, he drinks this fine Irish whiskey nearly every day.

49. He executed his own aunt when she publicly protested the execution of her husband.

50. He is supposed to be suffering from Insomnia due to nightmares about being executed in pretty much the same ways as he has executed several others.

51. He executed his own uncle who was found guilty of grievous crimes against the state. Interestingly, a pack of hunting dogs were let loose on him, to be eaten alive while others watched the show.

52. He keeps track of all the latest scores and news from the NBA even though there is supposedly no internet allowed in his country.

53. He might be dying at a very young age due to childhood obesity, an acute binge eating problem, diabetes, drinking and smoking.

54. He is determined to 'nuclear' bomb the United States Of America. All the neighboring countries and USA are on high alert due to this single fact.

55. He is currently carrying out and personally supervising several nuclear missile and long range missile tests. Almost all these tests are aimed to wipe out America, South Korea and Japan.

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