The Definition Of Success That No One Ever Told You

The Definition Of Success That No One Ever Told You
This is a post that the Pope, Dalai Lama and Oprah would love to read. But, for now, let's see what you think about the vital information provided here.

What is Success? How can you accurately define it?

It was way back in the year 1996 that a leading University took great efforts to know what Success actually means.

They wanted to add more definitions to some specific management terms inside the next edition of their dictionary.

They decided to spend half a million dollars to find out almost everything there was to know about success and some highly successful people.

The study would be conducted by a team of 12 management scholars and would involve interviewing 50 highly successful people at that time.

These 50 people came from different walks of life and the list certainly included the 'Who's Who' of the entire planet.

The list included the topmost musicians, business tycoons, Hollywood film directors, political leaders and everyone else who was considered among the richest and most successful people in the world during that decade.

The 12 scholars believed that these 50 rich people would be the best on the planet to help them understand the word 'success' completely.

Who would know more about success than those people who were very successful. Right?

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So, the scholars went to different parts of the world to interview these 50 people and learn more about their successful lives.

Questions would be asked and an educational movie would be produced out of the footage.

The study took more than 12 months to complete since it took the scholars that long to conduct interviews with all 50 people on the list.

Back at the University, all were excited when the entire study was 'finally' completed and all footage was received by them.

But, just 2 weeks in the editing room and the management scholars were starting to get really nervous.

They realized that every single person of those 50 successful people who they had interviewed wasn't very happy with the condition of their lives.

Most of them were sad, depressed and also failures in other 'major' areas of their lives.

They did not spend much time with their loved ones, and almost 35 of them were married more than once.

Around 4 of them hadn't been on a single family vacation for the last 8 years.

It seemed that most of them hadn't had much fun at all that year.

An important question on the list revealed a surprising answer by these 50 successful people.

The question was "What are your biggest regrets in life?".

And, each of the 50 people on the list included 2 common regrets among many others.

Those 2 regrets were..."I wish I had spent more time with my family and I wish I had more fun".

The 12 scholars didn't know what to do. What would they say in their final report to the University.

Could they say that most of these highly successful people were sad, depressed, and lonely souls?

How could these 50 so-called successful people know anything at all about 'real' success if they were living such 'sorry' lives?

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The 12 scholars made a gigantic decision - they abandoned the entire project.

They decided that they would conduct interviews on common everyday people instead of making a movie about these 50 successful people.

Perhaps the common man would give them a better idea about what success really means.

They quickly interviewed 1000 people from different age groups, and different walks of life.

These interviews were done in less than a month's time since the people on the list weren't as 'busy' as the 50 so-called highly successful people in the world.

This time the final footage they viewed made them intensely satisfied and happy.

The 1000 people interviewed seemed to be much more happy with the state of their lives and had far lesser regrets than the 50 successful people.

Most of them spent time with their loved ones, had a couple of family vacations each year and did whatever they could to help their families live a better life.

They were 'happy' people with fewer problems, even though most of them weren't anywhere close to being as rich as the earlier 50 people.

So, the 12 scholars decided to stick with the new plan and they produced an entirely different movie from the one they were supposed to have created.

They made a movie using only the footage of these 1000 people and they created an entirely new definition for 'Success' in the University dictionary.

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Their definition of Success was simply, brief and meaningful.

The definition was "Success is happiness every single day of your life".

That's it.

If you are happy then you can call yourself a successful person.

This definition completely changed the way the world looked at the term "Success".

Basically, from then on, anyone who was happy for most of their lives was a highly successful person.

Money had nothing to do with how successful a person can or cannot be. It all depended on how satisfied and happy they were with their lives every single day.

I am sharing this story here with you because I firmly believe that Success is Happiness too.

I realized that the kind of choices I made every single day had a great impact on how happy I was with my life on that day.

And, the biggest choices among these 'major' choices are my career choices.

If you don't like the work you do then you may never be truly happy unless you zen yourself every single day.

This is why it is time for you to think carefully about the career choices you have made and those that you are about to make in the near future.

Your level of satisfaction is largely dependent on the level of joy you have during your work hours.

When you do a job that you love and you live the life of your dreams then you will have hardly any regrets in your life.

When was the last time you did something you've always wanted to do?

When was the last time you watched a Sunrise in all her glory?

When was the last time you visited a place you've always been wanting to go but could never found the time to do it?

There was a close friend of mine whose name was Larry and he suffered from a major Psychological disease.

This disease is so big in the world right now that you could actually call it an epidemic.

The disease is 'Excusitis' and it basically means that the patient suffers from the habit of making excuses.

Larry would dream about going to Switzerland and Skiing down the Alps.

Whenever we talked about vacations, he would say that he wanted to Ski down the Alps.

He finally decided that he would make his dream come true the following year.

The new year came, and Larry had his excuses ready.

He said he couldn't go because his son was sick and it would be a month before he was completely well.

He had firmly said (a few months ago) that he would go next year and wouldn't it miss it for the world this time.

Then another year passed by, and another, and each year Larry kept making his lame excuses for not going to Switzerland.

Finally, one fine day, Larry had a major heart attack and passed away.

His dreams of visiting Switzerland to Ski down the Alps never came true.

This is just one of thousands of examples I have seen and heard during the last decade.

Millions of people suffer from Excusitis. Are you one of them?

Being successful is about being as happy and satisfied with your life as you can be.

Happiness is truly a choice and fully controlled by your thoughts and feelings.

Make up your mind to be happy when you wake up each Morning and the chances are fairly good that your entire day will 'actually' be happy.

Be realistic though. No one's asking you to be happy at someone's funeral (unless you didn't like the person who died).

Neither do you need to laugh or smile too much if someone close to you is feeling sad or blue.

Happiness is something that comes from within. Outside forces cannot make you feel happy forever.

It is only when you are happy inside your heart and soul that you can experience real joy as you go about your day.

Be happy in the now. Don't worry about the future since that's unpredictable. Mostly.

Success is within easy reach of you right now, it's all in your hands, and purely your decision to be happy no matter what.

Don't be like Larry. Don't make excuses for the state of your life or the problems you are facing.

Instead focus on the present moment and just be blissful during that period of time.

A happy person does not mean someone who is laughing or smiling all the time.

A truly happy person wears a contented, relaxed and satisfied look on their faces. They literally glow.

You can tell how happy they are because they look happy!

The people who are happy (all the time) are the ones who usually wake up with a strong and definite purpose each day.

A purpose driven life has deep meaning, brings in joy and ensures satisfaction.

Those that are basking in the moonlight of the present moment are usually the most successful.

Worry, tension, stress, jealousy, regret, guilt, sadness, grief, depression and a few other 'negative' emotions are allowed to enter into the mainstream of our minds only when we focus on them.

Focus on brighter and more positive emotions to experience joy in an instant.

This is a merry-go-round kind of post and hopefully it will make sense to you.

If it doesn't, then go to your place of solitude and meditation at home and close your eyes right now....

Allow your mind to go blank by focusing on a single spot of your brain. Then simply breathe deeply for a few minutes without allowing your thoughts to wander into any other direction.

Simply stay still, listen to the sound of your breathing, breathe slowly, and let your entire body fall asleep while you focus calmly on that one single spot of your mind.

Once you are completely relaxed, just lay down and relax for an hour or so, don't be in a hurry to do stuff, purposefully slow down your life and then you will experience true bliss.

Follow your bliss every single day by repeating this exercise whenever you can.

You will find true happiness whenever you want to. It's all about slowing down, relaxing, meditating in utter silence, and letting the present moment control you.

It's no use trying to control your life, rather meditate often, and let life control you.

The inner voice will steer you safely into the harbor of bliss from where you shall never leave....

Zen yourself every single day and your life shall never be the same again.

The power of meditation and focusing on the present moment is life's most pleasurable experience. One that you can repeat easily few times each day and safely ensure that the bliss lasts forever....

A final word of caution - Meditate only in a place where you are most comfortable in your home. Even meditating while you are seated on the toilet seat will do!

Either sit in a comfortable position or lie down on your bed or couch and meditate. It doesn't matter if you fall asleep after a few minutes.

Schedule your daily routine in such a way that you can easily find the time to slip into a relaxed state of calm and bliss whenever you have nothing else to do.

Lastly, do not make excuses that you are too busy to meditate. If this is the case, then perhaps it is most important that you restructure your life soon else you might never 'really' know what a restful state of bliss feels like.

Success isn't that most people think it is. Loads of money, bundles of fame, dumplings of power, and a versatile combination of the three are what most people consider success to be. But it most certainly isn't what success is.

Living a simple and happy life on a day to day basis is what defines success much better. An additional dose of relaxation, comfort and satisfaction can be added. But not much more.

Doing what you've loved doing or always felt like doing is what makes us happy deep inside. Happiness should not be considered laughter that is generated from a TV show.

True laughter is indeed happiness but it's something that we find ourselves doing when we spend time with people we love and engaging in activities that we enjoy indulging in.

Achieving one's goals leads to success too. Since setting them and walking in the direction of our goals is what our life's purpose usually is. However, the goals must closely align with your values and who you really are on the inside.

Material goals never get fulfilled since achieving one leads to the creation of another. Any mobile phone company out there will tell you exactly how desperate the masses become to own a new cell phone when they find it hitting the markets.

Taking the time to view the landscape around you while also stopping ever so briefly to partake of the smell of them flowers is an essential part of living a successful life.

What use is living a dull, meaningless and boring life? Perhaps careful thought must be given to what makes you the most happy and interested every single day.

Doing what you love, being around those you love, spending time in Mother Nature, being one with your soul, carrying on long conversations with yourself, enjoying the present moment, and scaling down your lifestyle to live a simpler one is a wonderful way to be more successful.

Success truly is happiness and relaxation every single day of your life. It doesn't take much to be happy nor does it require a great deal of comfort to be relaxed. Life's simplest pleasures are often free and the most relaxed you will ever be is when you are one with the purity of Mother Nature.

Cherishing whatever life throws your way is an awesome way to live a happier life. When we give up control and rest in the wisdom that God above will take care of us then good things happen. Truly.

There is still hope for the many who still consider success to be a fancy car or a large house. For stripping one's self off the misconceptions created inside one's mind is not a gigantic task.

Changing one's definition of success does not take much time. All it takes is a realization that being successful is "only" about being happy every single day.

Kindly note that happiness does not need to be shown all the time for one to consider themselves happy. It's as simple as a glow on your face. And a calmness inside your being in the Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings.

Being relaxed all the time is as good as being happy. Actually they both are as close to meaning the same thing as you can think.

Success is easy to have in your hands. Being successful is not difficult. Move away from the incorrect definitions in the dictionaries and realize right now that happiness is what's much more important.

We all want to be happy much more than we want to be successful, our days are designed to help us be more happy. It's time we realize that we are going against the laws of nature when we try to chase material success in today's world.

Slow down. Breathe a little more. Happiness is all around you when you live your life just focusing on the nothingness of the now. Goodbye!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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